15 ème conférence EME

La 15 ème conférence internationale EME se déroulera à Cambridge (UK) du 16 au 18 août au Churchill College Cambridge .

Au menu:

Al Ward W5LUA – Progress at 24GHz and above
Alex Artieda HB9DRI – The IQ+ dual channel receiver – a practical implementation against Faraday rotation
Allen Katz K2UYH – Simple and low cost solutions for high gain on 70 and 23 cm using offset dishes
Brian Coleman G4NNS – Some basic hydrogen line astronomy
Charlie Suckling G3WDG – Application of GaN transistors to SSPAs for EME use
Charlie Suckling G3WDG – A novel 13cm receive converter
Daniela de Paulis – Visual Moonbounce: moonbouncing images as a new application of Moonbounce
Dave Powis G4HUP – Stresses on ropes and cables when raising and lowering towers
Dave Robinson WW2R – Control and monitoring of EME solidstate amplifiers
David Morgan – Detection of extra-galactic radio source Virgo A
Doug McArthur VK3UM – Inaccuracies that will lead to a deficiency in your EME systems performance or Why the other guy does better than you!
Doug Millar K6JEY – Comparing calorimetric RF power measurements at 1.2GHz with a variety of meters
Eddy Jespers ON7UN & Walter Crauwels ON4BCB  – ON0EME: 1296MHz Moon beacon
Gaëtan Horlin ON4KHG – What is Ground Gain and what to expect from it
Gudmund Wannberg SM2BYA – The 2.3–2.45 GHz spectrum situation and current threats in Sweden
Howard Long G6LVB – Taking software defined radio into the mainstream
Hannes Fasching OE5JFL – Gaining extra dBs from a small dish
Ian White GM3SEK & David Stockton GM4ZNX Noise Figure measurements: A reality check
Ingolf Larsson SM6FHZ  – Unexplored areas of 432MHz feeds
Ingo Gaspard DF1VH – Solid-state broadband un‐cooled noise generator with noise temperature below room temperature
Jan Van Muijlwijk PA3FXB – PI9CAM history and restoration
Joe Taylor K1JT – MAP65 software – an all-new version of MAP65 with many frequently-requested features
John Worsnop G4BAO – Modifying 1960MHz SSPAs for 13cm
Manfred Ploetz DL7YC – For a few dollars – 40 more watts at 3400 MHz
Mike Watanabe JH1KRC – A brass bar and a rotation mechanism for MAB25 encoders
Murray Niman G6JYB – Frequencies for EME – Past Present & Future. Including Forum discussion
Paul Marsh M0EYT – Amateur deep space reception – equipment and techniques
Paul Wade W1GHZ – Horns and septum feeds – Construction tolerances and sensitivity
Peter Blair G3LTF – How good were the systems of the 60s and 70s?
Sam Jewell G4DDK – VLNA Update – latest developments for the VLNA Preamp
Zdenek Samek OK1DFC – EME DXpedition IS0/OK5EME
Zdenek Samek OK1DFC – Loop feed for 432 and 144 MHz



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