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  • 3D2ZK – Fiji

    UPDATE – Pictures credit Rebel DX Group Facebook page: 3D2ZK using 4 stations on FT8 & FT4 at the same time during full lockdown at home in Fiji. No way to go out, shopping just food or pharmacy. No travelling allowed, no sailing not even crossing city border to another town.   MAY 4 – […]

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  • 5R8RP – Madagascar

    Having spent 21 years in Senegal (as 6W7RP), Daniel is now active from the north side of Nosy Be island, AF-057 – Madagascar as 5R8RP. Daniel says he’s running a very small radio station (FT-1000MP & R8 vertical) compared to what was in use in Senegal.

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  • MS0INT – Summer Isles, EU-092

    UPDATE – With some international travel restrictions being lifted in the UK starting May 17, it is hoped by the end of July two operators from Europe will join the team. More info to follow nearer the time. During July 24-26, look for team MS0INT to be active from Horse island (Summer Isles) EU-092. Participation […]

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  • JI3DST/5 & JR8YLY/5 – Shodo Island, AS-200

    Take, JI3DST got in touch to say he and Masa, JR8YLY will again be active from Shodo Island, AS-200 during May 19-21 and May 26-28, 2021. QRV on 80-6m; CW/FT8/RTTY/SSB. JI3DST/5 mainly for DX stations and JR8YLY/5 for JA. Check for individual QSL info.

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  • JW0W – Prins Karls Forland, EU-063

    NEWS UPDATE – Gjermund LB5GI joins the JW0W team. He is a SSB/Digi-mode operator. MAY 1, 2021 – The JW0W team would like to thank Miguel EA5ZD for the very nice logo designed for our activation of Prins Karls Forland (EU-063) in July 2021. We have one or two more to show in the coming […]

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  • [UPCOMING] 5UAIHM – Niger

    APRIL 16, 2021 – Adrien, F4IHM (as 5UAIHM) will again be active from mid-May to mid-June 2021. When time permits he will QRV on 40 & 20 CW. Adrien, 5UAIHM in Niger says he is usually active most days on 20m @ 17:00z — DX (@DX_World) January 29, 2021 DECEMBER 26, 2020 – Look […]

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  • WSJ article on DXing

    For the past few days we’ve been sent a link by readers to a Wall Street Journal article written by John McCormick titled “One Group’s Post-Pandemic Travel Plan: Get as Far Away as Possible“. The article is behind a pay-wall, however over on eHam it was posted in full, and now we duly do too, […]

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  • Video – A25RU / C92RU

    Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian DXpedition Team managed to stage 3 expeditions – 7Q7RU, A25RU & C92RU. Here’s a video of the latter two DXpeditions. PS: It is well worth to click each link above as all three of their DXpeditions were covered in detail by DX-World.

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  • YB1JYL/7 – Sebuku Island, OC-166

    Ravie, YC7RV informs DX-World that team YB1JYL/7 will be active from Sebuku Island, OC-166 during June 10-11, 2021. QRV on HF bands; SSB & FT8. QSL via EA5GL. 

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  • Wanted: DX-World QSL of the Day

    Hey DXers & SWLs! “DX-World QSL of the Day” is proving to be very popular. However, the current batch of cards provided by helpful readers is again running out and we need more! By the end of May we reckon all QSLs provided will have been published.  All you have to do is send a […]

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