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  • FO/JI1JKW – French Polynesia

    QRV holiday-style, look for Hiro JI1JKW to be active from Bora Bora, French Polynesia as FO/JI1JKW during April 26-30, 2024. Activity on 40-6m; CW & SSB using TS-480HX and dipole antenna. HB9CV in use for 6m. QSL via H/c.
  • 3G0YA – Easter Island

    [UPDATE] – Pictures credit 3G0YA team (right click to enlarge them). Info by Ben DL6FBL.  We made our first contact with KB8QD on 18-Apr-2024, 16:18z, on 10m. Since then, in 126 hours of operation we added another 65500 contacts, of which 31200 contacts were hand-made in CW/SSB and 34300 contacts were computer-made on FT8. We […]
  • OX3LX – Greenland

    Bo, OZ1DJJ will again be QRV from Greenland as OX3LX during April 26 to May 9, 2024. Info from Bo as follows: I plan to QRV from west Greenland – Grid locators GP60 (Kangerlussuaq), GP44 (Nuuk) and GP51 (Paamiut) on FT8, RTTY and CW. QSL via OZ0J. 
  • T5/IT9HRK – Somalia

    [UPDATE] – Last few days, Alex T5/IT9HRK has been quite active on HF bands. See his antenna below. No word yet on official license so for the moment this activity won’t count for DXCC until relevant paperwork accepted etc. Obviously, CEPT is not used / recognised in Somalia. Recording by EA1DR for DX-World.  Alex #T5/IT9HRK […]
  • C91AHV – Mozambique

    [UPDATE] – Pedro C91AHV provides his operating schedule for his upcoming Mozambique DXpedition. This includes a POTA activation: Flight to Mozambique will start on 31st May. 2nd June will be for station installation and tests. 3rd June will be the first operating day. From 4th to 7th June I will operate on FT8 on 10/15/20/40m. […]
  • VP6DF – Pitcairn Island

    [UPDATE] – Dave WJ2O confirms the dates for his Pitcairn DXpedition are May 30 to June 9, 2024. QRV as VP6DF. He says: Based on this Google Earth map, I am going to be operating at a very high location on the island. There might be a bit of shadowing from the mountain on the […]
  • N5J – Jarvis Island DXpedition

    [PRESS RELEASE #4] Since the Dateline DX Association announced plans for activating Jarvis Island this summer many have asked if we could arrange with IOTA and POTA program organizers to secure approval of our DXpedition. Jarvis is one of the rarest of the IOTA counters, having been off the air for 34 years. It is […]
  • A52CI & A52P – Bhutan

    [UPDATE]  On the scene with A52CI & A52P, with credit to Leszek & Janusz for the pictures. Check the logs here . [QRV, APRIL 19]  Not long after 0000z, A52CI started activity from Bhutan, followed by A52P a few hours later. Activity has been on 12-15-17m FT8 so far.  [APRIL 12] Leszek SP6CIK (R) and […]
  • DX on this Day

    Spanning 26 years, looking back from 2023 to 1997 showing DX on this Day.  Do you remember working YX0LIX or 6V7K or maybe ZK3N ? You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We run this feature generally every 4-7 days. Don’t forget to check DX-WORLD’S very own Land of QSLs later in […]
  • K6VHF/HR9 – Roatan Island, NA-057

    [REMINDER] – Alex, K6VHF will again be active Roatan Island, NA-057 as K6VHF/HR9 during April 23-30, 2024. QRV on 160-6m, including 60m; 100w; QSL via Club Log OQRS. Previous activities listed below.  [JANUARY 10, 2024] – K6VHF/HR9 will QRT at 16:00z today (January 10) with over 4000 QSOs (160m-10m). Next QRV is April, 2024. [DECEMBER […]