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  • V63JB – Ulithi Atoll, OC-078

    After being off air for a considerable period of time, John V63JB is again active from Ulithi Atoll, F.S.M. QRV so far on 30m FT8. Previously he was active on 20m SSB & FT8. John is the technology coordinator at the local school on the island (Federai Elementary). The principal of the school is also […]

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  • 9U4WX – Burundi

    [NEWS UPDATE] – On the scene (overnight rain) with 9U4WX & 9U5R. Picture credit OK2WX. Luckily the antennas held up without sustaining any damage. Spiderbeam will be assembled today. Heavy rain ay 9U4WX overnight. — DX (@DX_World) February 7, 2023 [FEBRUARY 4] – Vlad OK2WX / 9U4WX has an update for DX-World readers: […]

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  • 3Y0J – Bouvet Island (part II)

    [FEBRUARY 7 @ 1025z] Ken LA7GIA has informed N2AJ that the 3Y0J Team has secured the campsite. They had a good night there last night. They will be running one station at night and two stations during the day. They will operate bands from 12m-30m. If you see a spot outside of those bands it’s […]

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  • FT8WW – Crozet Island

    [NEWS UPDATE] On January 6th at 10:00 GMT the first DATV / SSB connection took place with the Saint Vincent school, in Brissac-Loire-Aubance in the Maine-et-Loire department. The students took turns asking questions to Thierry and Cyril, the base manager: The video is shown below and the audio is available here * The next session […]

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  • PJ7EE – Sint Maarten

    Gary, KC9EE plans to be active from Sint Maarten as PJ7EE during March 1-7, 2023. QRV holiday-style primarily on CW using KX3 and vertical. QSL via LoTW.

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  • Turkey / Syria earthquake

    NEWS UPDATE – A 7.8 Magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria at 01:17UTC on 6th February leading to a large loss of life and many casualties. Aftershocks continue in the area with another large 7.5 magnitude event happening at 10:24UTC affecting the response. The emergency communications group of TRAC will be involved in the response […]

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  • 5R8CG, 5R8MM, 5R8PA, 5R8WG & 5R8WP – Madagascar

    [NEWS UPDATE] – The story of this DXpedition can be found here, written by Gerben PG5M.  [DECEMBER 3 – QRT] – Pictures courtesy of Ronald PA3EWP.  LISTEN TO 5R8WG ON 12 SSB LISTEN TO 5R8PA ON 17 SSB [NOVEMBR 27] During the first night we were operating on 160m one of the top-loading wires was […]

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  • 5H3FM – Zanzibar, Tanzania

    [NEWS UPDATE] – Video of the 5H3FM DXpedition featuring IU3RGS, IZ5PMS, VK3EW, VK2WW,V A41KC, M0UTD, HB9HLM, RW3RN, VK5KI, UY2IZ, OK2FD, R3EV, SV1FTY, DO1TLR, DF3AH, N4TOR, HB9HIN, E75M, F5OHM, SP9XRP, HA8BE, IV4LEC, E78ZX, IZ5MMP, EA3L, LZ6DJ, SP2TMT, R7TK, IU2IDU, SQ9ITH, IK8SVQ and F5LBL. [FEBRUARY 2] – Ferdy informs: Ferdy, 5H3FM says: QSO’s now uploaded on LoTW […]

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  • ZD7MG – St Helena

    Andy DK7MG will be active from St Helena as ZD7MG (and ZD7MG/P) during February 11-25, 2023. Primarily a SOTA activity he plans to QRV from the following: Diana’s Peak (ZD/SH-001) White Point (ZD/SH-002) Flagstaff Hill (ZD/SH-003) The Haystack (ZD/SH-004) Look for him on 20-10m. Full info here 

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  • 6W7/ON4AVT – Senegal

    [REMINDER] Willy ON4AVT will again be active from Warang, Senegal as 6W7/ON4AVT during February 6 to March 31, 2023. QRV on 80-10m; SSB, Digimodes and also QO-100 Satellite. QSL via home call, Club Log OQRS. 

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