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  • Guest post by VK4MA

    Paul, VK4MA left a comment on another post regarding the recent information about 3D2CR QSOs not being credited for IOTA.  What the “3D2CR No QSOs Credited” saga appears to highlight is something which is causing a bit of a rift within the IOTA program (chasers & activators) and with that we leave Paul to write […]

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  • A busy Sun!

    As the sunspot count will likely near 100 and the SFI is now above 100 (just in time for CQWW SSB contest?!) there’s a region of the Sun which is bursting with activity that is not yet Earth facing. It’s already produced C-class flares and an M flare as shown in the plot below: […]

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  • [QRV] C5C – The Gambia

    NEWS UPDATE – Building up more antennas at C5C. C5C , @GGPGT34 F5NVF building up new wire antennas ! — Charlie5Charlie (@6V7T) October 26, 2021 OCTOBER 24 – C5C will soon start on QO100 & HF. Note, only one transceiver in action during the first week of activity. [see more]  OCTOBER 23 – Here’s […]

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  • [QRV] HD8R – Galapagos Islands

    NEWS UPDATE – Shortly after 23:30z on October 25th, HD8R started operations on 15CW. Activity shifted to 40m as the video below shows: OCTOBER 25 – HD8R team arrived Guayaquil airport. Next stop Galapagos islands. The final leg for HD8R team 👇 — DX (@DX_World) October 25, 2021 HD8R team arrived Guayaquil airport. Next […]

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  • VK9DX – Norfolk Island

    NEWS UPDATE – Further to the info below, Nick is now a permanent resident of Norfolk Island and is QRV as VK9DX.  AUGUST 24, 2021 – Nick, VK2DX informs DX-World he will be moving to Norfolk island later this year, and with a bit of luck, should be QRV as VK9DX from Christmas-time onward. “80m […]

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  • Z60A – Kosovo

    With the easing of the pandemic the Finnish quartet of OH2BH, Martti, OH2TA, Pekka, OH5BM, Tapani and OH5LLR, Timo will join the gang at Amateur Radio Society of Kosovo, SHRAK; Z61VB, Vjollca, Z61DX, Driton and Z62FB, Fehmi on the air, at their HQ station Z60A, for the CQWW SSB Contest. They will activate two stations […]

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  • OX3LX – Greenland

    NEWS UPDATE – Bo, OZ1DJJ will again be QRV as OX3LX from western Greenland during October 26 to November 9m 2021. Participation in the CQWW SSB contest with the OX7A crew. Bo mentions there will be a small chance to be active on 6m EME (to work TX7MB and other DXCC he needs on 6m.) […]

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  • PJ2T – Curacao

    Operating M/M, team PJ2T  (consisting ND8L, VE4GV, N2BA, W0CG, KL2A, NN3W, K8PGJ, G4XUM, G4BVY & M5RIC) will be active for the CQWW SSB contest (October 30-31). Before the contest look for team member M5RIC to QRV as PJ2/M5RIC, possibly others as PJ2/homecall too. 

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  • 7P8RU – Lesotho

    NEWS UPDATE – Many thanks to R7AL for the exclusive pictures of 7P8RU activity. Vasily says “everything is going well in Lesotho. All antennas up and running despite bad weather and strong winds. Two radios and amplifiers failed but they have been fixed”.  [OFFICIAL INFO] Vasily, R7AL got in touch to say the RUDXT (recently […]

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  • EX0NN – Kyrgyzstan

    Val, US4MAO announces that starting January 2022 he will be active from Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan as EX0NN. He visits the country every 2-3 months and will QRV when time permits using verticals and Inv V antennas. Bands: 40-15m, CW & FT8. QSL manager to be determined.

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