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  • DX on this Day

    Spanning 25 years, looking back from 2022 to 1997 showing DX on this Day. Remember working VP8SGI or VP8ORK or maybe VP8GEO ? You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We run this feature generally every 3-6 days.  

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  • TO1Q – Guadeloupe

    Jean-Luc, F1ULQ will again be active from Guadeloupe (QTH: FG8OJ) as TO1Q at the end of March / beginning of April. Dates to be confirmed once license received. QRV on HF bands + 6m; SSB & FT8. QSL via H/c, direct / buro, LoTW. Picture is of F1ULQ and FG8OJ during 2022 TO1Q activity. 

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  • 3Y0J – Bouvet Island

    [NEWS UPDATE @ 0900z] – A quick check of the Marama from yesterday’s latest update (see below) and using APRS data, suggests the yacht has sailed a further 130 nautical miles overnight (GMT time). Now approx ~ 270 nm from Bouvet. Great to see both island and boat getting closer to each other! The team’s […]

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  • 3B9/HB9FHV/P – Rodrigues Island

    Until February 3rd, Richard HB9FHV is operating from Rodrigues Island as 3B9/HB9FHV/P He’s using a KX3 with either a Little Tarheel or a 15 to 40 meter dipole powered by 2x14V 8Amp lipo batteries. Where possible he adds a little RM Italy 200W amplifier.

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  • CY0S – Sable Island

    [NEWS UPDTE] – Work continues at a fast pace for the March 20-29, 2023 CY0S DXpedition. This week the team completed the fabrication of the 42-inch long anchor posts, each with galvanized eye bolts, for securing the antenna masts and the Spiderbeam antennas. The Spiderbeams will be used for supporting the low band antennas. Four […]

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  • FT4YM – Antarctica

    According to F5PFP (QSL manager), here is the latest operating schedule for FT4YM: FT4YM/P Base Concordia until February 6. FT4YM/Mobile Raid#3-ICORDA from February 7-14. FT4YM Base Robert Guillard (aka Cap Prud’homme) from 14-16 to 19-20 February 14-16 & 19-20. FT4YM Base Dumont d’Urville from February 21-27. FT4YM/Maritime Mobile aboard L’Astrolabe P800 from February 28 to […]

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  • 7P8WW – Lesotho

    [NEWS UPDATE by Yuris, 7P8WW] – Yesterday reached the planned QTH in the mountains. Nice house surrounded by fantastic nature! Last part of the road was quite extreme which came unexpected. It took 5 hours to drive 46 km. Road was full of stones and washouts in some places. It would be OK for 4×4 […]

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  • VK0AW – Davis Station, Antarctica

    Look for Allan, VK0AW to be active from Davis Station, Antarctica. He recently departed Hobart, Tasmania is expected to arrive Davis around February 11th. After a few weeks (duty changeover etc), he aims to be QRV using simple wire antennas and a Barrett commercial transceiver (400w).  Allan’s line of work is IT, and it should […]

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  • 5N/KE5GUR – Nigeria

    Bart, KE5GUR is currently active from Port Harcourt, Rivers State in Nigeria as 5N/KE5GUR. Activity limited to FT8 so far on 10m, although his antenna is mostly tuned for 40 & 20m. QSL (direct) via the following address: Liemerssingel 3, The Hague, 2548NL Netherlands.

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  • 4S7DRG & 4S7KKG – Sri Lanka

    Peter DC0KK (4S7KKG) will be active from near Trincomalee, Sri Lanka during January 29 to February 7, 2023 along with Wolfgang, DK7DR (4S7DRG). Info below provided by Peter: Peter 4S7KKG (DC0KK) and Wolfgang 4S7DRG (DK9DR) will be active again from 29 January to 7 February 2023 from the former DW shortwave station, now owned by […]

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