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  • CQWW SSB 2020

    CQWW SSB CONTEST (OCTOBER 24-25, 2020)   Just like this year’s planned DXpeditions, the CQWW (SSB & CW) contests have been slightly diluted due to Covid-19. However, there’s still some juicy DX to be picked this upcoming weekend. During the various global, regional and local lockdowns we saw a huge influx of newly licensed operators […]

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  • V31CO – Belize

    Robert, W0YBS will be active from Caye Caulker, NA-073 as V31CO during October 24 to November 13, 2020. QRV on 80-10m using an end-fed wire and 50W; CW, RTTY, FT8. QSL via LoTW.

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  • DT8A – South Shetland Islands

    As part of the next scientific team, look for Lee, DS4NMJ to again be active from the King Se-Jong Korean Antarctic Base on King George Island, South Shetlands as DT8A in 2021. QRV on FT8, CW & SSB, 100w. QSL via DS5TOS. Dates to be confirmed. HISTORICAL DX RECORDING – DT8A, South Shetland Islands 17CW […]

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  • 8Q7RM – Maldives

    Remo, HB9SHD plans activity from Kandolhu island, Maldives as 8Q7RM during November 2-29, 2020. QRV holiday-style on HF; SSB & Digi. *Remo was previously active as H44SHD.

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  • VP9I – Bermuda

    UPDATE – Jeff will now use the callsign VP9I during the CQWW contest.  SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 – Jeff, N1SNB will be active from Bermuda as VP9/N1SNB during October 21-26, 2020. Main activity / focus on CQWW SSB contest (Oct 24-25). QSL via H/c.

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  • [CANCELLED] Guinea DXpedition 2021

    NEWS UPDATE – The F6KOP team have updated news on their planned 2021 DXpedition to Guinea. We have waited as long as possible, but will be forced to cancel / postpone our expedition to Guinea Conakry (3X). COVID-19 is preventing us from making our expedition. The Guinean Embassy no longer distributes tourist visas and we […]

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  • P40W – Aruba

    NEWS UPDATE – John mentions that the mandatory Covid-19 PCR Test for his trip to Aruba came back negative. He was cleared to fly and should be on Aruba by time you read this.  JULY 18, 2020 – John, W2GD will again be QRV as P40W from Aruba, IOTA SA-036 during *October 20-27 and November […]

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  • SV8/DJ4EL – Kythira, Makrokythira & Antikythera, EU-113

    OCTOBER 20 – Another trip to Makrokythira coming up – see below: Again QRV on uninhabited Makrokythira island, EU-113 on Wednesday afternoon & evening. Good luck! — DJ4EL, Markus (@rapanuiman) October 20, 2020 OCTOBER 15 – Pictures from Antikythira Island 73 from remote Antikythira, EU-113 — DJ4EL, Markus (@rapanuiman) October 16, 2020 OCTOBER […]

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  • OH0X – Aland Islands

    Pekka, OH2TA will be active during the CQWW SSB contest (Oct 24-25) from eastern Aland Islands as OH0X. QRV on 20m. QSL via OH2TA.

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  • 5T5PA – Mauritania

    NEWS UPDATE — Google Earth view of antennas at #5T5PA. Using my shack in the hotel with on top two masts for the 2x Optibeam antennas and using a 120m feeline to an old highrise building for the low-band antennas. #5T5PA #PA5X #antennas #hamradio #hamr — PA5X (@PA5X_HAM) October 19, 2020 Installed a huge […]

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