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  • DX on this Day

    Spanning 25 years, looking back from 2021 to 1997 showing DX on this Day. Do you remember working CY0X or 5W0VB or maybe 9N7CW ? You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We will run with this feature generally every 3-6 days.  

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  • [13] What’s in the DX Shoebox today?

    Both images today show 4U1ITU. First picture is from 1962 with the bottom image taken 30 years later in 1992. You might also recall that recently 4U1ITU was QRV for a period of time prior to going off air for a few years – see here    

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  • FP/KV1J – St Pierre & Miquelon

    NEWS UPDATE – The journey to FP starts today for Eric, KV1J. He may be active on SATs along the way as he drives to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Massachusetts. Tomorrow (June 27) Eric flies to St. Pierre. Following day he takes the boat to Miquelon. APRIL 21 – Dates of activity now confirmed from […]

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  • CY0S – Sable Island

    NEWS UPDATE  In addition to the standard mode operations, good news for 2 Meter EME enthusiasts. Lee WW2DX is planning 2M EME from Sable Island. Sable Island is extremely rare on EME. For more details on this EME activity, check the BAND PLAN posted on the CY0S website. Many know Lee for his successful operations […]

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  • VK0MQ – Macquarie Island

    NEWS UPDATE – Beware the VK0MQ pirate station. Matt says this “station” is answering calls alongside the real VK0MQ on FT8 F/H mode. If you’re not in Matt’s log this is why. JUNE 12, 2022 – Info posted on and quoted here: Matt (VK5HZ) on Macquarie Island 2022. Still setting things up but hope […]

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  • Z21RU – Zimbabwe

    NEWS UPDATE – Team leader R7AL mentions they have now made over 40K QSOs. Unfortunately, propagation on 80-40-30m has been very bad according to Vasily and they are also trying their best to work NA during the most common hours when bands are open to there, but it’s not been easy. QRV for 4 for […]

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  • [12] What’s in the DX Shoebox today?

    Today’s DX Shoebox find comes from Dave, AA1VX. It’s a letter written to him in November 1969 by the late Palden Thondup Namgyal, Chogyal of Sikkim, AC3PT.    Some very interesting history about AC3PT can be found here and here or here

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  • OX3LX – Upernavik Island, NA-134

    NEWS UPDATE – Bo mentions he will use the callsign OX1OXQ for Digimodes while in Greenland. A beacon is also (using same call).  MAY 26 –  Bo, OZ1DJJ will be QRV from Upernavik Island NA-134 as OX3LX during June 27 to July 11, 2022. Focus on 6 & 4m, but will also be active on […]

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  • DXpedition Support!

    During the end of April and throughout May, DX-World in partnership with Bart, SQ1K has been busy working on very stylish and high quality embroidered clothing, at affordable costs (including free worldwide postage). You probably read about that here. Early indications are that many operators are very happy with their purchase, and literally everyday new […]

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  • YN2RP – Nicaragua

    Rafael, NN3RP will be active from Granada, Nicaragua as YN2RP during July 5 to August 2, 2022. QRV on HF bands; FM satellites, FT8/FT4, CW, RTTY & SSB. QSL via LoTW, eQSL.

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